Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Here I am, on the bus again. This morning is very gray a fall like. It seems the entire week has been like this. But just last week we had some really warm and sunny days, and it is awkward to think that those days are suddenly over. But it is September, and October is only few days away, so, maybe the summer weather was filling in for autumn being late?
Don't know...
Well, today I have to play catch up as I think about my class later. There's a quiz today, and while I feel very knowledgeable about what we've done and discussed in class, I am still worried since it is only ten questions. Not a large margin for error. There is also the fact that I know certain students have cheated for this quiz. When the teacher was out of the room, the glanced into his class book and saw thee test last week. Talk about academic dishonesty. I almost want to bring it up to the teacher but after a week already having past, I think statute of limitations for tattling has been exceeded. Hr might be suspicious of my motives, doing it just before we're about to take the quiz. I suppose I'll just keep quiet about it even though it feels so wrong to do so. 
I'm tired. I didn't give myself a lot of sleep last night. I was up trying to get things around for today and for Emily. I am finally giving away a charcoal portrait I've been finished with for a while.  That means there will be some extra money in bank this week. Sadly, it will probably get spent real fast. We're doing things pretty tight right now. We're not banking much savings and don't have much spending money after paying the bills. I am thankful that we have some savings still built up and I am trying real hard not to dip into it unless absolutely necessary. And we definitely have money set aside for God to use if he likes. 
But enough about money. The other day I was thinking about how we are polluting the planet with our trash and tried to apply it to thinking that all animals try to alter their habitat. I guess what makes a human's alterations so significant is the scale at which we change things. No other animal has changed it's surroundings and drastically and wide spread as human beings. Think about if bears were able to flatten miles and miles of forest and lay down think stone to prevent things from re-growing and then building huge skyscrapers over it. That's a bit ridiculous isn't it? 
On the train now. 
Okay, I know that God put us on earth to regulate and cAre for the animals and our environment, but do you think what we've done is what he had in mind? we're overpopulated and while some are overfed, others are underfed. We raise animals in cages where they can't even turn around only to slaughter them. What kind of life for that cow is that? We are cultivating that animal for only a specific purpose and only doing things to further that sole purpose. Feels a bit communistic to me. That would be like raising your child in an enclosed room where he could only read about math and all other things like hygiene and communication skills did not matter because he was being raised only to be someone's accountant. Well, that analogy is a stretch, but you get the picture? We are not symbiotic with our world. We force our place here and make things work where they really shouldn't. 
I know I am talking pretty extreme here. I mean I like air conditioning and insulation as much as the next guy, but I am just trying to pull out our human behavior to better understand what we're doing and why. Then maybe we could figure out a better way to do things. 
I was able to get a seat today. I hope that doesn't mean my day will go badly since the beat day so far this semester was when I had to stand. I'm really not superstitious, but you mind does try to make patterns of things and then tries to recreate what it believes is the course of action that brings about the best outcome. 
Okay, really random, but I think about the house I'll have someday and I think that I really want to build it. DIY. I wouldn't do it alone and would make sure things were proper, but I'd want to be apart of the building process from concept to finished product. I think I'd appreciate my home more and would know what to expect. I could also try to make it as "Eco" as I possibly could. Maybe in Ireland? Hah. I could never live that far from family, and I don't think I'll ever make enough to afford two homes.         

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